Details from the spring classis meeting

Highlights of the 402nd Meeting of Classis Hudson:

Classis Hudson met on May 8, 2015 at the Christ Community Church of East Islip, NY.

Rev. Michael Bentley, pastor of the East Islip church, opened with devotions from James 1:22 and encouraged all present to put God’s Word into practice in the deliberations throughout the day.

Classis delegates reviewed the financial situation of the classis and the causes which classis supports through its financial obligations.  Ministry share information can be found here.

A discussion was held regarding the agenda for the CRC’s 2015 Synod, and classis adopted an overture requesting that changes to the structure and culture of the denomination be postponed to allow for further dicsusison.

Rev. Kichil Cho of Shodai Japanese Church was introduced to our classis.  The Shodai church is interested in pursuing affiliation with the CRC and our classis, and a motion was adopted to continue exploring this possibility.

Rev. Joon Shin also presents his vision for a new church plant in Palisades Park, called Trinity Reformed Church of NJ.  Classis endorses this new church plant and prays for God’s guidance and direction as it begins its ministry.

The classis meeting was closed with devotions from Pastor Jeremy Mulder, based on Nehemiah 4, which encourages us to find our victory over discouragement by paying attention to our Caller rather than our critics, and to understand the vast radical reinforcements we have from one another in the body of Christ. The meeting was closed in prayer.

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Classis Hudson is a gathering of Christian Reformed churches in NYC and Northern New Jersey. It is our prayer that God would use our congregations to expand His kingdom in our communities.

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