Prayer summit

“Fanning the Flame: Praying Together for God’s Mission” is the theme for a
regional prayer summit to be held on November 4-5 at Midland Park CRC. 
The summit features a keynote address by Dimas Salaberrios, who is
president of Concerts of Prayer of Greater New York. In additon, the
summit will feature breakout sessions on Healing Prayer; Prayer Walking;
Praying the Bible; Small Groups and Prayer; Spiritual Temperments and
Prayer; Finding Rest during Stress; and Contemplative Prayer.

This event is hosted by regional partners of the CRC and RCA who are
united in their passion for prayer and is designed for everyone--church
members, leaders, students, pastors.  More information is available on the
resource table in the fellowship hall.  To register for the summit, follow
this link or contact Pastor John Algera at 973-279-3132.

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Classis Hudson is a gathering of Christian Reformed churches in NYC and Northern New Jersey. It is our prayer that God would use our congregations to expand His kingdom in our communities.

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