Summary of Spring Classis Meeting


The 413th Meeting of Classis Hudson was held Thursday, May 16 at Christ Community Church (East Islip, NY.). We thank Rev. James Lee and the Church Council for being gracious hosts. At the meeting, we spent time in prayer and discernment about the state of our churches with Mid-Atlantic Ministries leading our time. In addition, Rev. Daniel Choi (Love Global Vision Church) was approved of his Article 8 Examination, and Mr. Jason Romine was approved of his Commissioned Pastor examination. We thank the work of our interviewers as well as our Synodical Deputies. Classis also accepted the resignation of Rev. Mary Stegink as Stated Clerk and accepted the nomination of Rev. Jeremy Mulder as the new stated clerk. We thank Rev. Stegink for her faithful work for the past several years. If there are any questions or concerns about our classis, please contact the C.I.C. (Chair: Rev. K.C. Vande Streek).

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Classis Hudson is a gathering of Christian Reformed churches in NYC and Northern New Jersey. It is our prayer that God would use our congregations to expand His kingdom in our communities.

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