The term “classis” comes from a Latin word which refers to a group of ships sailing together.  Classis Hudson is a group of Christian Reformed congregations serving Christ together in the New York metropolitan area and northern New Jersey.   We often refer to ourselves as “the CRC” rather than saying “Christian Reformed Church” all the time, so you’ll notice that abbreviation often on this web site.

Our goal is that the good news of Jesus Christ might be proclaimed clearly in our churches and offer hope to our surrounding communities.  If you do not know the story of Jesus Christ, click here to read one short summary of the Christian experience, or please contact any one of the churches within our classis.  The CRC web site also has a good explanation of the ways we explain the Christian message.

If you want to know more about us, then take a look at a list of Classis Hudson personnel, or learn more about our history.  You can also contact the Stated Clerk (see contact list) directly with specific questions about Classis or this web site.

There’s also a documents and policies page if you’re interested in administrative stuff, or our pastor list if you’re looking for specific information about those who lead the churches of Classis Hudson.

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