Mid-Atlantic Ministries

Mid-Atlantic Ministries (MAM) is the joint church planting and church health team of Classes Hackensack and Hudson.  The committee has three focus areas:

  • campus ministry
  • church planting
  • church renewal

Both classes have representatives on this team, which meets periodically to evaluate the progress of the ministries supported by both classes and review ministry goals for the future.  Currently, the classes help sponsor the following ministries together:

Student Ministries

New Church Development

  • Metropolitan New York church planting cluster: Restore (in Classis Hudson); Dwell ChurchOpen Door Fellowship (in Classis Hackensack)
  • Philadelphia church planting cluster (all in Classis Hackensack): Hope Community Church, African Christian Ministry, By Grace Alone, 8th Street Community Church, Mt. Airy Community Church
  • Both classes also include several emerging congregations not sponsored by MAMGrace Calvary Christian Church, Deep Rooted Tree of Life (all in Classis Hudson); Pennsylvania Elim Presbyterian, Sung Chi CRC, Sung Lim CRC (in Classis Hackensack)

Church Health

MAM has a unique structure as it is accountable to both Classis Hudson and Classis Hackensack.  (Details of this arrangement can be found in Appendix A of Classis Hudson’s Rules of Procedure).  It also works closely with Eastern Regional Ministries of the CRC’s Home Missions agency.

For more information about any of these ministries, please contact the MAM team leader, Beth Fylstra, or the Home Missions regional leader, Drew Angus.

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