Details from the fall classis meeting

Classis Hudson met on September 18-19, 2016 at the Midland Park CRC.  Part of this meeting was held jointly with Classis Hackensack, to receive reports from the denominational agencies and to discuss business our two classes hold in common.

Evening devotions on Monday were led by Mrs. Kim Fluit, who was being examined by Classis Hackensack for licensure to exhort.

The classes then heard reports from various denominational agencies.  Delegates were directed to the work of Back to God Ministries, and especially to the English language programs including Kids Corner, which offer tools for churches seeking to reach out to their communities with the story of Jesus which changes lives.  The work of World Renew in disaster response and poverty relief was highlighted, and reports were given about the growth of Hispanic ministry within the CRC, and also resources for clinical pastoral education (CPE) for pastors in our region.

Delegates also heard a presentation on the importance of ministry to the Muslim community and, after a time of sharing the needs of our churches in prayer, closed the evening with a celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

On Tuesday, representatives of both classes heard an update on the work of Mid-Atlantic Ministries and Northeast Community Transformation, the joint missions and diaconal teams of our two classes.  Churches are encouraged to publicize the third annual prayer summit to be held on November 4-5 at Midland Park CRC.  Our two classes also celebrate the work God has done through Rev. Ken VanderWall, who is retiring from campus ministry after serving almost 45 years in that role at William Paterson University and other local campuses.  After further reports on the work of the Safe Church Team for our area and on the work of missionaries supported by our local churches, the two classes met separately for their individual business.

Pastor Jeremy Mulder from Restore Church chaired the session of Classis Hudson’s meeting.  Among other business, Rev. Kook Sung Kim was honorably released from active service in the CRCNA as he has moved to Korea.  Classis Hudson is thankful for his many years of ministry in the CRC and particularly in our area.  Classis also held further discussions about the best way to integrate Korean-speaking congregations and pastors into the business of classis which most often takes place in English.  These discussions will continue at the next meeting.  Finally, classis received an update on the continued efforts to provide care and support to the Queens CRC congregation, and classis continues to keep this church and its retired pastor in prayer.

Rev. Joseph Byun led our closing devotions and prayer.