March 2016 classis meeting – Ridgewood CRC

Classis Hudson meet in special session on Thursday, March 3 at the Ridgewood CRC.

After opening devotions, classis took time to consider a proposed communication to Synod concerning the Doctrine of Discovery task force report. While recognizing the relevance of the report to important issues of cross-culture mission today, the communication argued that a more restrained and balanced review of history and more modest list of recommendations would better serve the churches and the cause of reconciliation which the task force seeks. After deliberation, classis adopted a motion to forward the communication to Synod as its own.

Classis then examined candidate Leo Yoon, a recent seminary graduate who has received a call from New Life Community Church of Staten Island, NY to serve as the English language pastor. After being examined in regard to practical ministry matters, theology, and sermon preparation, classis unanimously agreed to admit Mr. Yoon to the ministry of the Word in the CRCNA and offered their prayers for him and the New Life church. The ordination date will be announced soon.

Classis is also pleased that Miles Kuperus will serve as its deacon delegate to Synod 2016.

Following a coffee break, classis delegates considered an overture in response to the reports submitted to Synod 2016 providing pastoral guidance regarding same-sex marriage. The overture calls upon Synod to reject the reports and reaffirm its commitment to a biblical understanding of marriage, as well as noting the call for the churches to build up rather than marginalize members who struggle with same-sex attraction. The overture further expresses concern about the view of “principled pluralism” which guides much of the synodical committee’s advice. After debate, the overture was also adopted as Classis Hudson’s response and will be forwarded to Synod 2016.

The classis meeting was closed with prayer.

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