Details from the spring classis meeting

Classis Hudson met at Faith Community CRC in Wyckoff on May 11.  After Rev. Rod Gorter led in opening devotions, classis heard reports from its various committees.  Several grants, totalling about $11,000, were approved from the Paramus Fund of classis, which gives money to churches for various ministry-related projects.

For the rest of the morning, classis participated in a learning opportunity seeking to understand the changing cultural situation in which our churches must do ministry.  Adam Swann, a marketing executive in New York, talked about brand identity and the way in which the stated and unstated needs and desires of people in our world today leave them hungering for the gospel.  Tae Lee, pastor of English ministry at Love Global Vision Church in Clifton, spoke about the ways in which their congregation has been seeking to bridge the gap between generations in their own context.  These conversations will likely continue at a future classis meeting.

After lunch, classis was given the opportunity to hear a doctrinal interview (“colloquium doctum”) with Rev. Hanjong Rhyu, who is being called to serve as associate pastor at Calvary Church in Livingston, NJ.  He gave a testimony of his walk with Christ and eagerness to serve the Lord as part of the CRCNA, and classis unanimously welcomed him to the denomination.  A formal installation date is being planned for June 4.

Classis also agreed to extend Rev. John Kuperus’ eligibility for call.  Rev. Kuperus had served in parish ministry and in missions before returning to New Jersey several years ago.  He continues to preach and lead worship at churches in our classis.

As part of an ongoing conversation about the best ways to foster participation of the Korean-speaking congregations, classis agreed to hold separate discussions about classis business in Korean and in English.  This would allow for separate deliberation of issues in linguistic and cultural settings which would hopefully promote more robust participation for those for whom English is not a native language.  The entire classis would still meet together to give formal approval to the activities of classis.  This procedure will begin in the fall and will be reviewed after two years.

A brief discussion was held about the agenda for Synod 2017.  As part of this discussion, classis approved an overture to Synod asking that classis representatives to the Council of Delegates be chosen by the classis itself, rather than having each classis submit a slate to Synod.

Classis received and discussed reports on visits made by classis representatives to the councils of two churches: Filipino-American CRC and Christ Community CRC of East Islip.  Two other churches – New Life Church of Staten Island, and Faith Community CRC – shared some of the joys and concerns of ministry which they have experienced in recent months.  Rev. Michael Bentley offered closing devotions and prayer before classis was adjourned.

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