January 2016 Classis Meeting – Ridgewood CRC

Highlights of the 404th meeting of Classis Hudson:

Classis Hudson met on January 28, 2016 at the Ridgewood CRC, a last-minute change in location being made necessary by the snowstorm which hit Long Island over the previous weekend.

Rev. Mary Stegink led in opening devotions from Ephesians 2, reminding all present of God’s amazing grace (!).

The classis home missions team, Mid-Atlantic Ministries, reports on some of the local efforts to expand the kingdom of God through campus ministry, church planting, and church renewal.  Among other opportunities, delegates are reminded of the efforts of the Renewal Lab in our own local churches, and are invited to a preview for the Reformed Leadership Initiative program to be held at New Brunswick Seminary on March 5.  For more information, or to register for the latter initiative, contact Rev. Marco Avila at the New Horizon Church.

The Classical Interim Committee reports that a special meeting will be held on March 3 for the purpose of examining candidate Leo Yoon, who has received a call from the New Life Community Church of Staten Island.  It is also announced that Rev. George Young, retired CRWM missionary, has moved to our area and transferred his ministry credentials to Sussex CRC.  He is available for pulpit supply.  Rev. Mary Stegink is appointed to serve a full three-year term as stated clerk.  Churches are also informed of the availability of money for ministry and outreach projects in Classis Hudson through the Paramus Fund.

Two churches request that classis take time to consider the content of reports coming to Synod this year regarding same-sex marriage and regarding the Doctrine of Discovery (these reports are also available in Korean here and here).  The two churches are asked to draft potential responses to Synod regarding each of these issues, and present them at the special meeting on March 3.

Pastor Jeremy Mulder led a lively presentation and discussion of the distinctives of the Reformed tradition and the practical contributions we can make as a denomination to the larger church and Kingdom of God in our area.  A full copy of his report will be sent to the churches.

Classis was informed of the continued involvement of its representatives as they seek to support the congregation and retired pastor of Queens CRC.

New Life Ministries and Love Global Vision CRCs share some of the joys and challenges of ministry in Christ’s name in their particular congregations, and classis prays for these and other church needs.

Rev. Chris Pedersen and elders Jeremy Mulder and Sylvia De Vries are appointed to represent Classis Hudson at Synod 2016 in Grand Rapids, MI.

In response to a request from its Korean congregations, classis adopts a motion to find ways to foster discussion on the classical level in the Korean language.  This matter will be discussed in further detail at the May meeting.

Rev. K.C. Vande Streek closes with devotions from Isaiah 40:28-31, encouraging delegates to remember God’s strength regardless of our sense of weakness in ministry.  The meeting ends with prayer.

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