March 2008 Classis Meeting – Fellowship Deaconry

Highlights of the 383rd Meeting of Classis Hudson:

Classis met on March 3-4, 2008, at the Fellowship Deaconry in Liberty Corner, NJ.  This was a combined meeting with delegates from Classis Hackensack.

Rev. John Algera and the worship team from Crossroads Community CRC in Flanders, NJ lead delegates from both classes in opening worship.  Delegates hear reports from various church planters and other ministry leaders and gather in small groups to pray for each of these leaders.

Rev. Joel Kok and the two classis treasurers report on current trends and challenges to our ministry share system.

Delegates are informed about the upcoming Sea to Sea bike tour commemorating the 150th anniversary of the CRC and raising money for poverty.

Candidate Ken Bieber is examined by classis and admitted to ordained ministry in the CRC.  He will be serving the Christ Community Church in East Islip.

The delegates to Synod 2008 for our classis are Pastors Howard Vugteveen and Craig Broek, and Elders David Dykhouse and Howard Jost.

Rev. Joel Vande Werken closes the meeting in prayer.