September 2011 Classis Meeting – Midland Park CRC

Classis Hudson met on Thursday, September 22, at Midland Park CRC.

Rev. Rod Gorter opened with devotions from Psalm 78:34-38, 70-72 and offered reflections on the covenant love of God for His people.

Delegates heard a description of the new ministry work that is going on in our region.  Our classis is helping to fund a new church plant in our neighboring classis, Classis Hackensack, called Dwell, under the leadership of Rev. Peter Armstrong.  Delegates were also updated on the clusters of congregations and congregational leaders that have been meeting recently to help encourage one another in ministry.  Classis was reminded of the call to make disciples, through a challenging video which is also being shared here:

Classis celebrates the formal organization of Filipino-American CRC, which was approved at the last classis meeting in May.  The installation of the first elders and deacons was done in a worship service on September 18 with friends from Cedar Hill CRC, Filipino’s sponsoring church.  We thank God for His faithfulness in establishing this church and pray for His continued guidance on this congregation.

Rev. Julius Medenblik, the new president of Calvin Theological Seminary, gave a presentation on the ministry of that institution.  He describes the distance learning program, which is slated to begin in the next year, and the Facing Your Future program designed to introduce high school students to ministry.   He explains the desire of the seminary to be an institution which stays close to the church, and challenges congregations to encourage gifted members to consider serving the Lord in full-time ministry.

Mr. Jeremy Meserole was interviewed for licensure to exhort in Classis Hudson.  He is affirmed in this desire by the delegates.  His name has been added to the list of pulpit supply for our classis.  We pray that God would use Jeremy to encourage our congregations in their faith as He brings God’s Word.

Cedar Hill CRC brought a request that Restore, a worshiping community in Wyckoff, be recognized as an emerging church.  Jeremy Mulder, the lead pastor for that ministry, presents the mission and vision of Restore.  The request was approved, and we pray that God would work through this ministry to reach the community with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Norm Brown offered closing devotions on Genesis 32:22-32, encouraging churches to keep wrestling with the hard questions of life as they present the gospel.  This is Rev. Brown’s final classis meeting, as he will be retiring soon.  We thank him for his service to our classis and for his many years of ministry in the church.

We are thankful for the ministry God is doing through the churches of our classis, and pray that He would continue to equip His people for service.

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