January 2012 Classis Meeting – Faith Community CRC

Highlights of the 392nd Meeting of Classis Hudson:

Classis Hudson met on January 26, 2012 at the Faith Community CRC.

The meeting began with a time of worship and prayer led by representatives of Restore Church, one of the newest congregations in our classis.

Three churches in our classis have new worship locations: Global Vision Church, City Grace Church, and Restore Church.  We pray for God’s blessing on these congregations and their new facilities.

New members were appointed to the Classical Interim Committee, the group which conducts the business of classis in between meetings.  Rev. Kooksung Kim was appointed to chair this committee, following the retirement of the previous chair.  A number of administrative matters were also attended to during the day.

An overture urging Synod not to adopt the proposed replacement for the Form of Subscription was adopted.

Classis delegates heard about the exciting work happening in several of our ministries, including Northeast Community Transformation and a campus ministry at Stony Brook University, overseen by East West Church of New York.

Classis also adopted an overture urging Synod not to adopt the Belhar Confession as a fourth confessional standard in the CRC.

A colloquium doctum (doctrinal conversation) was held with Rev. Henry Cho, pastor of the Evergreen Church in Ridgefield Park, NJ.  Both Rev. Cho and his congregation were received warmly into the Christian Reformed Church as members of our classis.

Rev. Norman Brown, former pastor of Cedar Hill CRC, requested and received retirement.  Classis Hudson thanks him for his years of service to our churches and denomination.

Elders John Boddeus (Sussex) and Natalie Beattie (Crossroads), as well as Pastors Rod Gorter (Midland Park) and Albert Sideco (Filipino-American) were delegated to represent Classis Hudson at Synod 2012.

Candidate Mary Stegink, who recently accepted a call to Ridgewood CRC, was examined in a special session of classis and admitted to the Ministry of the Word in the CRC.  She was congratulated on her successful examination, and delegates celebrated her call to ministry with a time of prayer.  Her installation service will be held at Ridgewood CRC on February 11, 2012.  Friends of Ridgewood CRC are encouraged to attend this joyful celebration for the church and its new pastor.

The classis meeting was closed in prayer.

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