May 2013 Classis Meeting – Love Global Vision CRC

Highlights of the 396th Meeting of Classis Hudson:

Classis Hudson met on May 14, 2013 at the Love Global Vision CRC in Clifton, NJ.

The meeting began with a time of worship and prayer led by members of Love Global Vision Church.  Rev. Eun Boem Kim, pastor of the church, explained the history of the church, including the heritage of ministry it had received from the former Northside CRC, who formerly occupied the building in which Love Global Vision Church now worships.  He shared some reflections from Ephesians 2:20-22, and encouraged delegates with a reminder that Christ is building his church still today.

Rev. Albert Sideco served as chair of the meeting.  He noted the significance of this meeting, as the first time that one of the Korean congregations had hosted a meeting of Classis Hudson.

Delegates spent some time discussing items on the agenda for Synod 2013.  Two overtures were forwarded to Synod in response to a proposed changes to the Public Declaration of Agreement which Synod delegates are asked to recognize.

Classis conducted two interviews with students who are a part of the regional program for candidacy in the CRCNA.

Northeast Community Transformation, the diaconal committee of Classes Hudson and Hackensack, shared a survey to help congregations assess their current involvement in community development work.  The survey is available here.

Delegates heard a report of a visit made by classis representatives to one of its churches.  The church order calls for such visits to be made periodically in order to help churches assess their current ministry strengths and seek advice from the whole classis on various issues.  In the course of discussion, delegates from other churches offered suggestions for ways to utilize on-line giving (here and here), and shared some of their experiences with testimonies during worship of God’s work in the lives of individuals in the congregation.

A new church is being planned for the Old Tappan, NJ area.  Deep-Rooted Tree of Life CRC will begin its Korean-language ministry this summer under the direction of Rev. Henry Cho.

Classis Hudson will be supporting three seminary students through its Student Fund this coming school year.

Delegates were also made aware of the desire of Harmony Church of Queens, NY to affiliate with the CRCNA and Classis Hudson.

The Classis Home Missions Committee, Mid-Atlantic Ministries (MAM), shared some of its work in developing new congregations and helping to revitalize existing churches.  MAM encouraged interested congregations to send members to attend the Global Leadership Summit, sponsored by Willow Creek Church and hosted via videocast at several sites in our area.  More information is available by contacting MAM.

Rev. Chris Pedersen has been designated as the new chair of the Classis Interim Committee, which conducts the business of classis in between meetings.

Though not present in person to offer a report, the local leadership of World Renew, the CRC’s disaster relief agency, sent information about their ongoing work in the New Jersey-New York area in response to Hurricane Sandy.

Some of the resources created by Back to God Ministries were shared with delegates, including programs for daily devotions (in English or Korean), family life, thinking through issues of faith, and programs for children.  A complete list of English language programs is available here.  Churches may also consult with Back to God Ministries for assistance in developing their own electronic media outreach.  Resources are also available in other languages.

The ministry share, or amount paid by churches to support the ministries of Classis Hudson, was set at $52 per adult professing member.

Delegates were made aware of some of the resources available to explore and deepen faith, as well as to identify social services in Bergen County.  Delegates also discussed the unique significance of a Reformed, biblical witness in contemporary society.

Rev. Chris Pedersen closed the meeting with a devotional based on 1 Peter 1:15-16, reminding those in attendance of the holiness of the church.  The classis meeting was closed in prayer.

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