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Prayer summit

“Fanning the Flame: Praying Together for God’s Mission” is the theme for a
regional prayer summit to be held on November 4-5 at Midland Park CRC. 
The summit features a keynote address by Dimas Salaberrios, who is
president of Concerts of Prayer of Greater New York. In additon, the
summit will feature breakout sessions on Healing Prayer; Prayer Walking;
Praying the Bible; Small Groups and Prayer; Spiritual Temperments and
Prayer; Finding Rest during Stress; and Contemplative Prayer.

This event is hosted by regional partners of the CRC and RCA who are
united in their passion for prayer and is designed for everyone--church
members, leaders, students, pastors.  More information is available on the
resource table in the fellowship hall.  To register for the summit, follow
this link or contact Pastor John Algera at 973-279-3132.
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Details from the special classis meeting

Classis Hudson met in special session on March 3, 2016.  A summary of the decisions reached at that meeting can be found here.

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Change in time schedule for March 3 meeting

Due to the request at the last classis meeting that time be set aside for the discussion of two reports to Synod 2016, the start time for the March 3 meeting has been moved to 5pm.

The schedule for the evening is as follows:

5:00   Discussion of Sussex overture re Doctrine of Discovery report

6:00    Examination of Candidate Leo Yoon

8:00   Discussion of East Islip overture re Pastoral Guidelines on Same-Sex Marriage

Agenda materials have been sent to the churches by the Stated Clerk.

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Notice of special classis meeting

A special meeting will be held on March 3, 2016 at 7pm  at Ridgewood CRC for the purpose of examining candidate Leo Yoon, who has received a call from the New Life Community Church of Staten Island.

Time will also be given at this meeting to consider the content of reports coming to Synod this year regarding same-sex marriage and regarding the Doctrine of Discovery (these reports are also available in Korean here and here).  Potential responses to Synod are being drafted and will be discussed that evening.

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Details from the winter classis meeting

Classis Hudson met on January 28, 2016 at the Ridgewood CRC. Details are available here.

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Winter meeting of Classis Hudson

Classis Hudson will meet in regular session on Thursday, January 28, 2016.  This meeting will take place at the East West Church of New York.  Documents for this meeting should be submitted to the Stated Clerk no later than December 21.

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Details from the fall classis meeting

Highlights of the 403rd meeting of Classis Hudson:

Classis Hudson met on September 21-22, 2015 at the El Buen Pastor Church of Prospect Park, NJ.

The Monday evening session was held jointly with delegates from Classis Hackensack to hear and celebrate a number of reports from church planters in our area of the East Coast, through the leadership of Mid-Atlantic Ministries.

On Tuesday morning, delegates of both classes were introduced to Dr. Steven Timmermans, the executive director of the CRCNA.  He led in a devotional from John 15, calling church leaders to friendship leadership.  He then presented the (emerging) ministry plan for the CRCNA and led in a brief discussion of some of the highlights of this plan and desired futures for the denomination.

Delegates were also presented with information on the joint work of our classes through Northeast Community Transformation, the regional Coffee Break ministry training opportunities, and the work of the CRC’s denominational agencies.  Churches were urged to review the materials available through the Safe Church Office of the CRC, and invited to attend the second annual regional Prayer Summit to be held at Midland Park CRC on November 5-6.  The work of a number of CRWM missionaries sponsored by churches in our region was highlighted, and congregations were urged to be in prayer for these and others, especially those who work in regions of great strife.

Classis Hudson then met separately to conduct its own business.  Rev. Albert Sideco led in opening devotions from Matthew 16, reminding all present that God will continue to build His church despite the challenges of our current age.

Rev. Mary Stegink is appointed to serve as interim stated clerk for the next six months, replacing Rev. Joel Vande Werken who had completed his second three-year term in that position.

Delegates are given updates on the work of classis in providing care and support to the Queens CRC congregation, and classis continues to keep this church and its retired pastor in prayer.

Rev. Jim Kirk, a CRC church planter currently serving on loan to the Trinity Rivertowns Fellowship in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY is introduced to classis.  He has requested a transfer of his ministry credentials to our classis.  Classis also approves a two-year extension of his on loan status.

Our delegates to Synod 2015 reported on the decisions and discussions held at the meeting this past summer in Sioux Center, Iowa.

The classis meeting was closed with devotions from Rev. Rod Gorter, based on Ephesians 3, which encourages us to find our victory over discouragement by paying attention to our Caller rather than our critics, and to understand the vast radical reinforcements we have from one another in the body of Christ. The meeting was closed in prayer.

Classis Hudson delegates listen to presentations (9-22-2015)

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Northeast Prayer Summit 2015

The 2nd Annual Fanning the Flame Prayer Summit will be held at Midland Park CRC on Friday evening, November 6, and Saturday, November 7. Come and ignite your heart and church with a renewed passion. Cost is $10.00 per person; $5.00 for high school and college students. Lunch will be provided on Saturday. You don’t want to miss it!!

You can register online through this link.

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Notice of fall classis meeting agenda deadline

Classis Hudson will meet in regular session on Monday-Tuesday, September 21-22, 2014 at the El Buen Pastor CRC of Prospect Park, NJ.

Per the decision of Synod 2015 of the CRC, all congregations should plan to delegate a deacon to this meeting in addition to an elder and pastor.

The agenda deadline for this meeting will be August 8.  Materials for the agenda should be forwarded to the Stated Clerk by that date.

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Details from the spring classis meeting

Highlights of the 402nd Meeting of Classis Hudson:

Classis Hudson met on May 8, 2015 at the Christ Community Church of East Islip, NY.

Rev. Michael Bentley, pastor of the East Islip church, opened with devotions from James 1:22 and encouraged all present to put God’s Word into practice in the deliberations throughout the day.

Classis delegates reviewed the financial situation of the classis and the causes which classis supports through its financial obligations.  Ministry share information can be found here.

A discussion was held regarding the agenda for the CRC’s 2015 Synod, and classis adopted an overture requesting that changes to the structure and culture of the denomination be postponed to allow for further dicsusison.

Rev. Kichil Cho of Shodai Japanese Church was introduced to our classis.  The Shodai church is interested in pursuing affiliation with the CRC and our classis, and a motion was adopted to continue exploring this possibility.

Rev. Joon Shin also presents his vision for a new church plant in Palisades Park, called Trinity Reformed Church of NJ.  Classis endorses this new church plant and prays for God’s guidance and direction as it begins its ministry.

The classis meeting was closed with devotions from Pastor Jeremy Mulder, based on Nehemiah 4, which encourages us to find our victory over discouragement by paying attention to our Caller rather than our critics, and to understand the vast radical reinforcements we have from one another in the body of Christ. The meeting was closed in prayer.

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